Enjoy reading a few of our testimonials

"I had a bedroom that wasn't fit to sleep in. Terri came to look things over. Her kindness and encouragement assured me that we could work well together. All my "stuff" was treated with respect; nothing was thrown away unless I said it was OK. They toted the trash to the dumpster and helped me load up my car with the giveaway items. Even my (normally) bashful cat was welcome and allowed to supervise their work! It's been over a year and I can still keep things in place, thanks to all of the thoughtful organization. I would definitely recommend this wonderful experience to anyone who is overwhelmed with clutter."
Michele, Stowe, Pennsylvania

"All About Organized has truly brought order and peace to my life. Terri and her team have worked in nearly every room of my home. They have given me the most valuable gift imaginable - time. I now don't spend hours looking for things. They have found items that I have spent days, even months looking for and never finding. Now everything has a place and everything is in its place. Since I have a chronic illness, being able to direct someone to items in my home on days when I'm not well is vital. Terri has made this possible. Not only does my home look better, it's more livable. Even my husband is on board now! He used to tease me that when I cleaned up the house it was organized into oblivion. Now he can even find things on his own, and doesn't need to ask me! What a huge relief. I highly recommend Terri and her team of professional organizers for any job involving organization. Terri adapted systems to my workflow, my mindset and my life. As a result, I am Still organized in the areas All About Organized transformed. I want to cry each and every time they come in to work on an area - because truthfully, my life improves. I can breathe easier, and sleep well at night knowing my home is orderly and comfortable for me and my family."
A.G., Green Lane, Pennsylvania

"I was very hesitant about allowing anyone to help me organize my totally chaotic bedroom. Actually, I was ashamed that anyone would see it. However, in 6 hours, a "miracle" occurred! Everything now has its place and is convenient for me to use. I seem to have twice as much space. And, best of all, due to the tact and encouragement of my wonderful organizer, I believe I can continue to keep it orderly. This may sound silly, but this "makeover" has been a huge confidence builder that I think I can take into other areas of my life. Many thanks to Marjorie Dawkins of All About Organized!"
R. Conner, Pennsylvania

"I just wanted to thank you for coming Saturday. It was a blessing to have you and Marjorie. The ladies have been telling me of the organization they have already done as a result of our time! God bless you!"
Jill Swavely, West Chester, Pennsylvania

"I want to share my experience in working with Terri Stroble, Professional Organizer. Terri has helped me with many parts of my house, but the biggest projects were the office and kitchen. The office was a room that I would not go into because of the lack of organization. The organizing that Terri did with me several years ago is still intact, and it’s a place that I enjoy spending time in now. The other big project was my kitchen. We did a total renovation and I asked Terri’s help in not only finding places for things as the kitchen was completed, but also picking out paint color, tile, countertop and cabinet colors, all of which I am very pleased with, even now. My kitchen is definitely the heart of our home, and it is such a joy to work in. I like the way Terri thinks outside the box, and comes up with different ways of organizing that I never would have thought of. The simplicity and order that Terri has brought not only to the kitchen and office, but so many areas of my house, has given me peace and clarity of mind. When my house was “chaos”, it seemed like my mind was “chaos” as well. Together, we decluttered and organized in a way that remains to this day. I was always amazed at how much would be accomplished during our sessions together. The organization that has been brought to my home has been life-changing and has freed me up to be able to do other things with my time, other than shuffling piles. It has also saved me money in the long-run, as before I was overstocked on so many items that I didn’t even know I had. I highly recommend “All About Organized”. Currently, Marjorie Dawkins is helping me declutter and organize my basement. What we’ve accomplished in two sessions is more than I could even imagine doing by myself in a month."
Kim Mulders, Spring City, PA

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